Wilderness Retreat Accommodation in Tasmania

They say heaven does not exist on earth. But we say they haven’t looked in the right places.

Welcome to Tasmania – an island state full of wonderful and surprising beauty, an island of temptations.

The moment you step foot in Tasmania, you will be welcomed by the abundance of green and their cool shadows. The iron giants and concrete jungles will be left far behind and you will come face to face with your natural side. The water will call you to ride the waves and the mountains will invite you to explore the mysteries. If all of these get your heartbeat jumping then book your tickets to Tasmania right now. If not, then allow us to give you some reasons why you should change your mind –

The Soulful City

While Tasmania is known for its awe-inspiring natural scenes, the cities remain mostly underrated. If you want to enjoy a city spirit like no other then you should plan a visit to cities like Richmond, Penguin, Port Arthur, Hobart and much more. The cities will let you enjoy a blast of cultural experiences including a diverse history, mouth-watering food, and an exuberant wine presence.

The Breath-taking Views

With a country as diverse as Tasmania, you are sure to find some views that you will cherish for a lifetime. From the Cradle Mountain to Marion’s lookout, from the cloud hugging mountains to the clean and blue beaches, a natural surprise waits for everyone.

And not just that, the ways of interacting with nature are also unique in Tasmania. You can get really close to nature without having to fear about your life.

Sapid Local Produce

It’s not every day that you come to enjoy food in its truest form. The great weather conditions and the availability of ample healthy land have allowed the local farmers here to grow produce that is full of health and taste. Give a visit to Hazelbrae to enjoy the hazelnuts, or taste the amazing dairy products from Ashgrove Tasmanian Farm. Want to make a shopping list for your own recipes then Salamanca Market waits for your presence.

Let the Culture Surround You

The art and history of Tasmania are vibrant and full of rich stories. The tourism industry is an important part of Tasmania’s economy. Due to this, there is never a shortage of cultural, environmental or musical events all around the year. Wine and booze is plenty and the seafood here is worth a visit alone.

Get Close to Wildlife

If you can make out some time after all of your visits to the cities and mountains then get close to the wild side of Tasmania. There’s plenty to explore here and you have the opportunity to get close to some rate creatures while they are in there natural habitat. From rare mammals to endangered birds, you will find everyone here. Wombats, koalas, or the world famous and exclusive Tasmanian Devil are the special attractions.

And if you are looking for a place to rest after all of your Tasmanian journeys, you can rest your mind and body in our secluded and hidden away accommodation.

Tasmania Forest Accommodation

Wild Heart Lodge is one of the premier scenic and beautiful forest accommodations in Tasmania. Located in North Motton, our 95-acre native forest land is the ideal station to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Located in a peaceful and secluded valley and surrounded by a countless number of natural attractions, you will be hard pressed to find a better location to spend some “you” time.

Our accommodation may be located in the wilderness but that does not mean there is a shortage of advanced and modern amenities. Our bedroom suites come with comfy queen sized beds with state of the art bathroom facilities. And you can be sure to greet the wilderness while looking your best because hairdryers, vanities and large closets are complimentary from our side.

You will be treated with great care and comfort in our lodges. They are decked out with features like a fully equipped kitchen & outdoor barbeque, laundry rooms, free parking, and free WiFi. There’s no limit to how you want to enjoy your time. Wake at dawn and return by the dusk after exploring all the surrounding natural beauty. Have a picnic by the river or dive into the sea, all of it just a stone’s throw away from your lodge area. Or just sit back and embrace the coziness of the suite while sipping a cup of fresh bean coffee.