OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAParadise – photographers, nature-lovers and birdwatchers – spend days rambling, finding and recording those elusive miracles of nature – then come back to your own cosy nest to re-energize for your next day’s excursion.

owl Southern Boobook 3 aug 8

a platypus  wallaby & joey

grey goshawk

Platypus, Tasmanian Devil, Quoll, Wallaby, Pademelon, Possum….possum pole 4

Grey Goshawk, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, Pink & Grey Galah, Kookaburra, Parrots, Magpie, Owls, 
yellow tailed black cockatoo

Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo      wedge-tail eagle

Wedge-Tail Eagle


New Holland Honeyeater


New Holland Honeyeater, Superb Fairy Wren, Scarlet Robin, Eastern Spinebill, Grey Fantail, Beautiful Firetail, Crescent Honeyeater….


Fungi, Mushrooms, Lichen, Moss….fungi orange mushrooms



Forest – Ranging from tea-tree with a dry understorey at the top of the valley, down through magnificent centurion Eucalypts, Mountain Ash and Stringybark, massive Blackwoods, Myrtle Beech and Sassafras understorey, Silver Wattles and spectacular Tree Ferns, over ridges, gullies and creeks, to the river flats. Walk for kilometres, up hill and down dale with ever-changing vegetation and only the birdsong for company.


tree ferns

night sky south 1
“catch a falling star and put it in your pocket……”





A Trillion Stars – away from the city lights our magnificent night sky dazzles with countless sparkling constellations and trillions of twinkling stars. Follow the Southern Cross as it tracks across the southern sky, view planets and satellites on their nightly wanderings, and look out for shooting stars!! You may even glimpse the Aurora Australis.



railway cuttingNietta to Ulverstone Railway – high above our valley floor, this now-defunct railway line, some 33km long, commenced construction in 1915 and operated until 1955, carrying at various times, timber, farm produce and passengers. The railway track easement runs through the forest around the Barren Hill, with impressive cuttings and high embankments remaining to provide a fascinating journey through a past era. The only water tank built on the line to supply the steam locomotive was also located nearby and pumped water up from the West Gawler River. A series of Railtrack Roads can be seen around the area. The North Motton Railway Station building has been relocated to the Ulverstone museum and the stationmaster’s house is now a private residence. A steam locomotive from the line can be seen at the Don River Railway Museum near Devonport. A steam-train trip can be taken along the Don River from the museum. A book called “Methanga to Nietta, a history of the Ulverstone to Nietta Railway” was written and published by Bill Field in 2016, available from bookshops in Ulverstone.


Natural Attractions – a short drive away:

  • West Gawler River Dam and Dooley’s Falls 5km; Lake Isandula 3.5km – bird watching and fly-fishing
  • Preston Falls 7.5km; Leven Canyon 27km; Leven River; Dial Range; Cradle Mountain 68km – wilderness exploration; Braddon’s Lookout 27km
  • Gardens – Emu Valley Rhododendrons near Burnie 46km; Fuchsia Fantasy near Lillico Beach 25km; Tasmania Arboretum at Eugenana 32km
  • Wineries – Leven Valley Preston 11km; Motton Terraces 11km; Blue Penguin 26km; Wilmot Hills Distillery 26km
  • Penguin viewing – Lillico Beach 24km; Little Penguin Observation Centre Burnie 42km
  • Wildlife Parks – Wings at Gunns Plains 15km; Devils at Cradle 69km; Trowunna at Mole Creek 96km
  • Caves – Gunns Plains 16km; Mole Creek 83km
  • Bass Strait beaches 15km


Nearby Towns – for take-away meals, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, entertainment, festivals, leisure activities, fuel:

  • Gawler – 10km fuel & food
  • Ulverstone – 14km, population 7000
  • Penguin – 24km, population 5200
  • Devonport – 32km, population 30,000
  • Burnie – 40km, population 19,800